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Academical research in France

In France, academic research is essentially conducted in scientific laboratories or institutes, most of which being mixed units of research between one of the French universities (or “Grandes Ecoles”) and one of the research organism such as the CNRS, INSERM, INRA etc…
Organisation of Research and Technology in France
Complete list of Universities
Major Scientific Organisms

A complete list of the French scientific organisms is available in Resources section.

  • Atomic Energy Commission
  • Institute of Agricultural and environmental engineering research
  • Agricultural Research Centre for International Development
  • National Center for Space Studies
  • National Center for Scientific Research
  • French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea
  • National Institute for Agricultural Research
  • National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
  • Institute of Health and Medical Research
  • Institut Pasteur
  • Research Institute for the Development

Technological research in France

Promoting technological innovation and bringing public research closer to the industrial world are French Government priorities.
Since July 1999, the Law on Innovation and Research has provided a general framework to promote partnerships between the public research community and enterprises. Additional measures taken by the Ministry of Research and New Technology have reinforced the creation of innovative companies and public-private partnerships, and have helped young researchers to integrate into enterprises.

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French universities

A list of the French universities is available on the website of the French Ministry of Education:

Main research organisms

Here is the list of the main French organisms that make or support scientific research:
ADEME – French Environment and Energy Management Agency:
ANDRA – National radioactive waste management agency:
ANRS – National Agency of AIDS research:
ANVAR – The French Agency for Innovation:
BRGM – Geological and Mining Research Agency:
CEA – Atomic Energy Commission:
CEE – A research Center on Employment:
CEMAGREF – Institute of Agricultural and environmental engineering research:
CEPH – Study Center of Human Polymorphism:
CINES – National Computer Center of Higher Education:
CIRAD – Agricultural Research Centre for International Development:
CNED – National Center for Distance learning:
CNES – National Center for Space Studies:
CNDP – National Center of Teaching Documentation:
CNG – National Genotyping Center:
CNRS – National Center for Scientific Research:
CNRSSP – National Research Center for Polluted Sites and Soils:
CNRG – National Research Consortium for Genomics:
CNS – National Sequencing Center:
CSTB – Scientific and Technical Center for building:
FNCLCC – National Federation of French Cancer Centres:
FRM – Foundation for Medical Research:
Genethon – Gene Therapies research and applications center:
GENOPOLE – Dedicated to research in genetics, genomics, post-genomics and related sciences and to the development of biotechnology companies:
IFP – French Institute of petroleum:
IFREMER – French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea:
IGBMC – Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cell Biology:
IGR – Institute Gustave Roussy:
INED – National Institute for demographic studies:
INERIS – National Institute for industrial environment and risks:
INRA – National Institute for Agricultural Research:
INRETS – The French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research:
INRIA – National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control:
INRP – National Institute for Educational Research:
INSERM – Institute of Health and Medical Research:
Institut Curie
Institut Jacques Monod
Institut Pasteur of Lille
Institut Pasteur
INTS – National Institute of blood transfusion:
IPEV – French Polar Institute Paul-Emile Victor:
IRD – Research Institute for the Development:
IRSN – Institute for radiation hygiene and nuclear safety:
LCPC – French Public Works Research Laboratory:
ONERA – National Aerospace Research Establishment:
OST – Observatory of Science and Technique:
RENATER – National Network for technology, learning and research:
RNG – National Genopole Network:

Scientific press in French

Futura-sciences (in french)
La Recherche (in french)
Industries et technologies (in french)
Pour la Science (in french)
Sciences et Avenir (in french)
Biofutur (in french)
Anvar actu (in french)
Canal U (in french)
IsraelValley (in french)

Innovation in France
Oséo-Anvar – the French agency for Innovation
INPI – National Institute for Intellectual property (in French)
EPO – European Patent Office