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In order to promote the scientific cooperation, the French Scientific Office can be a partner in the organisation of binational scientific conferences in fields such as life sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medecine, engineering, etc. We can also provide funding to French/Israeli scientists who want to come to Israel/France within the frame of an international symposium, research project etc.

The maximum funding per application is 3000€

You can download the application forms:
conference subvention_application form (en)
travel subvention_application form (en)

Once filled, please send it to

Recent  and future conferences supported by our Office in 2012 :
– Mission de Jumelage entre les hôpitaux Shalavata et Saint- Maurice – October 2012
– Visit of Prof. Arnold Munnich in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for cooperation on disease genes for mitochondrial disorders and brain iron accumulation – August 2012
– 23rd Pasteur-Weizmann Symposium “Gene expression regulation” – June 11th and 12th
– Le Ducq Valve meeting (Cardiology) – May 30th to June 1st
– 5th French-Israeli dermatology summit – May 16th to 18th
– NATO alternative water resources management conference  – May 7th to 11th
– French Space Agency visit in Israel – April 29th and 30th
– 8th French-Israeli cardilogy meeting – April 15th to 20th
– Mediterranean Fever  Conference – April 1st to 3rd