Field trip in Beit She’an Valley

On March 17th, the French delegation of scientists form INRA, IRSTEA, CIRAD, CNRS and IRD, who came to Israel for the colloquium Climate Climate Change Constraints on Agriculture, have visited plenty of agricultural facilities in the Beit She’an Valley.

Abraham Gamliel, Scientific Director for the Bet She’an Regional Research and Development Center has led the visit. Beginning on the top of the Mount Gilboa for the amazing view over the Springs Valley and over the numerous fish farms, the field trip continued towards the Eden Farm, an experimental station established in 1937 and still used by agriculturalists from the Valley to study a variety of subjects including plant varieties, agro-technology, innovations, removal of barriers and closing gaps in knowledge. After the presentation of several ongoing research projects, such as on the red palm weevil, the group visited two kind of pisciculture facilities: an open pond fish farm and an intensive fish farm. The two facilities have developed solutions to reduce production costs due to the feeding and the oxygenation of water.The visit ended at the regional water reclamation facility where 100% of the used water of the Valley is collected and treated in order to be reused for the irrigation and for the fish production.

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