Scientific trip to the innovation campus of Grenoble

Fourteen Israeli academic, scientific and journalistic leading figures have been invited by the French Embassy in Israel to participate in a unique scientific trip to Grenoble peninsula. From June, 9th to June,12th, they will visit the GIANT and MINATEC innovation campus facilities, they will meet the Joseph Fourier University’s team and they will discover several innovative projects from Rhone-Alpes region.

In an effort to strengthen cooperation between France and Israel, the French Embassy in Israel is organising a scientific trip for an Israeli delegation to one of the most innovative research center in France: Minatec innovation campus. The main goal of this trip is to improve the renown of the excellence research centers in France, often unknown by the Israelis. Minatec innovation campus looks like, in its structure mixing research, education and industry, Israeli universities. It seems that Minatec is the best ambassador to captivate a student and scientific audience, looking for international experience.


The Israeli delegation, composed of representatives from all the universities, heads of collaboration programs and journalists, will visit the most innovative labs of Minatec with particular focus on health, information technologies and energy: CEA-Liten, CEA-Leti and Clinatec.

All of these topics will be adressed on the economic level by visiting start-ups in energy management such as SymbioFCell and by meeting with industry and start-ups CEO of Rhone-Alpes region.

Finally, the delegation will meet Joseph Fourier University‘s team to discuss about potential collaboration between universities: students exchange program, scientific research collaboration, etc. There is already an agreement between the Technion and UJF but we are confident that the presence of most Israeli universities will stimulate new relationships.

CEA-Liten, CEA Leti, Clinatec, etc.
CEA-Liten, CEA Leti, Clinatec, etc.