Fellowships from CNRS to study in France in nanotechnology

Within the Israeli-French strategic partnership aiming at fostering scientific and industrial cooperation of the two countries, the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), with the support of the Research and Innovation Department of the MESR (French Ministry for Higher Education and Research) offers two postdoctoral positions for a 12-month period starting on December, 1st 2012.

The candidate must have:

  • A research experience shorter than or equal to five years after the completion of the PhD (at the starting date of the postdoctoral position)
  • Studied for the whole duration (or at least a part) of his/her PhD or Post-doc position in an Israeli research organization
  • A postdoctoral project preferably in line with a scientific cooperation between the host CNRS laboratory and an academic and/or industrial Israeli partner.

Deadline for submission: October, 15th 2012
Proposals evaluation: November, 15th 2012
Postdoctoral position starting date: December, 1st 2012

Please send the application file (to be download on here) via email to: Postdoc-Nano-Israel@cnrs-dir.fr
To be valid, you also have to send an original copy of your proposal with the signature of the host CNRS laboratory’s director via postal mail to the following address:
DERCI / Israel – CNRS
3, rue Michel-Ange
75794 PARIS cedex 16 – France

Contacts: Mickaël Kouropatoff, Tel : +33 1 44 96 46 67 or 44 53 – Fax : +33 1 44 96 48 56