Program of the French Festival of the Scientific Film

The French Festival of Scientific Film is a special event presenting five movies dealing with scientific matters like mathematics, astrophysics, health, medicine and evolution, on five different evenings. These documentaries or drama documentaries are meant to present scientific issues to the general public.
Free entrance upon registration by calling the French Institute in Tel-Aviv at: 03-796 80 00

« E=MC², une biographie de l’équation »
“E=MC², a biography of the equation”
a movie by Gary Johnston
Based on David Bodanis’s best-seller, this 2-hour drama interpreted by renowned actors explores the life and struggles of the men and women behind each part of Einstein’s famous equation.

« Plus loin que le bleu du ciel »
“Beyond the blue sky
a movie by Valérie Winckler
Five astronauts share with us their experience, feelings and questioning about the evolution of space exploration on Mars and beyond.

« L’univers est-il chiffonné? »
Is the universe crumpled” a
movie by Laure Delesalle
Has the universe borders, is it finite or infinite? Marc Lachièze-Rey and Jean-Pierre Luminet, two astrophysicists, try to solve this enigma and present their theory.

« Monsieur Nam, sur les traces de Alexandre Yersin »
“Mister Nam, on Alexandre Yersin’s tracks” a movie by Lucile Escourrou
The story of Alexandre Yersin who first identified the bacterium Yersinia pestis that causes the plague. He nevertheless fled the honors by deciding to live in a small harbour of the Vietnamese coast: Nha Trang.

« Méditerranée »
“The Mediterranean Sea” a movie by Stéphane Bégoin
As part of an exceptional scientific program, MATER, 14 European researchers go back to the origins of the Mediterranean Sea.

« L’odyssée de l’espèce »
“Birth of Civilization” a movie by Jacques Malaterre, Scientific Director Yves Coppens
Relive mankind’s defining moments through the ages and witness the challenges and incremental advancements that gave birth to civilization as we know it.

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