eTech France #220

Science and Technology News from France

eTech France #220  –  16/01/2009

Special Report:

> A Week Dedicated to Sound and the Challenges of Ecological Sound

> Iceberg Detection via Satellites – An Experimental Tool by CLS

Cluster Update:

> Fighter Planes – Optimizing Data Display in Pilot’s Helmet

> Does Sustainable Development Clear the Skies for Airships?

Education Outlook:

> ‘Eco-Innovations’ Now Have an International University Chair

> Group 4 Banking on Training Engineer-Managers

Innovation News:

> The EMERTEC 4 Fund Banking on Sustainable Development and Mobility

Live from the Labs:

> Terahertz Cascade Laser – A Solution to Remedy their Lack of Directivity

Spotlight on the Regions:

> Underused Natural Dyes with Huge Potential

Recommended Reading:

> Satellites


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