eTech France #218

Science and Technology News from France

eTech France #218  –  02/12/2008

Special Report:

> A Look at Tomorrow’s European Astronomy

> Antimicrobial Plastics for Food Packaging

> Modeling Ice Cream Production to Create New Products

Cluster Update:

> Coopol – The French-Chinese Cooperation Program of the French Competitive Clusters with the Chinese Technological Parks

Innovation News:

> CEA and Partners Take Hydrogen Storage a Step Further

> A New Generation of Passive Hydrogen Masers for Atomic Clocks

> Successful Airbus Flight Tests of the Continuous Descent Approach

Live from the Labs:

> A New Source of Neurons in the Adult Brain Providing New Outlooks

> Bronchiolitis Vaccine Using Viral Nanoparticles

> Microscopy Techniques Optimized Thanks to a New Fluorescent Protein


> Design Research Workshop

> INRA’s Third Crossroads for Agricultural Innovation

> Sixth BioVision Show


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