Call for candidature : International Volunteer in Life Sciences [France2Israel]

PROJECT TITLE : Imaging the DNA damage response at the level of single molecules

RESEARCH PROJECT : The DNA damage response (DDR) is a specialised stress response fundamental to maintaining genome integrity and suppressing tumour formation. Traditional molecular and cellular biology, combined with genetics and biochemistry, have led to an understanding of the architecture of the DDR in a variety of model organisms and in human cells. These studies have employed populations of cells/molecules and their results are of necessity an average of the response. High sensitivity imaging technologies make it feasible to study events in single cells and to do experiments with small numbers of molecules in vitro. These can now be applied to the DDR.

Project Objectives: To provide an interdisciplinary training in single cell and single molecule studies to graduate students in Physics, Chemistry, LS, Maths and Computer sciences. The focus of the research will be the study of the DDR and genome stability. /DNA repair. The main technologies to be developed concern high resolution molecular imaging methodologies.

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