Call for candidature : International Volunteer in Electrical Engineering & Computering [France2Israel]

PROJECT TITLE : Incorporating Paris Traceroute into the DIMES Internet measurement infrastructure

RESEARCH PROJECT : DIMES [1] is a scientific research project, that aims to study the structure and topology of the Internet. The DIMES system is the largest active probing network measurement infrastructure in the world. Over 1500 DIMES agents, distributed across the world, are continuously performing Internet measurements such as traceroute and ping. DIMES has become the infrastructure of choice for researchers wishing to gather topological information on the Internet.

However standard route tracing tools as traceroute have been shown to produce undesirable measurement artifacts. Paris Traceroute [2] is a new traceroute based network probing tool that controls packet header contents in order to avoid path anomalies.  Paris Traceroute is the only tool capable today of measuring in such a way as to produce clean results. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate Paris Traceroute into DIMES. As Paris Traceroute was produced by researchers from the NPA research group at the LIP6 laboratory [6] of UPMC Paris Universitas, and due to the complexity of some of Paris Traceroute’s algorithms, a strong collaboration with those French researchers is required in order to integrate Paris Traceroute into DIMES.

The candidate’s work will be at the core of a collaboration between the DIMES project team at Tel Aviv University and network measurement researchers at UPMC Paris Universitas [4] in France, working to enhance DIMES.



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