Call for candidature : International Volunteer in Mechanical Engineering [France2Israel]

PROJECT TITLE : Experimental study of nonlinear water waves generated by mavemaker and/or wind above the water surface

RESEARCH PROJECT : The research work in the Laboratory is based on two state-of-the-art experimental facilities. The 1st facility is a mid-size water-wave tank that is equipped with a modular computer-controlled wavemaker and instrument carriage that can be moved along the tank with the prescribed velocity dtime. The facility allows studying spatial and/or temporal evolution of any designed sequence of nonlinear waves, including one- and two- dimensional wave focusing, wave breaking at prescribed locations, etc. The experimental research is related to application of advanced theoretical models, such as Dysthe or Zakharov equations. Complementary experiments on random nonlinear wave groups are planned in 2009 in a 300 m long wave channel in Hanover, Germany (the largest of its kind in Europe), under a grant from the European Community.

The 2nd major experimental set-up is a wind-wave tank (wavemaker for mechanical waves excitation is to be installed in the near future). The carefully designed facility allows control of all governing parameters, such as wind velocity profiles, strength and direction (co- or counter-wind) of water current, spectrum of mechanically-generated wave field, etc. The unique set of measuring equipment allows detailed measurements of flow field in air and water, as well as of the evolution of the wave field. The comprehensive set of experimental data can be accumulated to carry out quantitative validation of various wind-wave models.

Optical methods, including digital processing of sequences of video images, are widely used in both facilities and are of particular importance in study of breaking waves. The experiments are computer-controlled using LABVIEW software.

The detailed research plan will be determined on the basis of the candidate’s background and preferences.

For description of both facilities and for the research output of the Laboratory (publications, graduate students’ thesis, etc.) visit the Laboratory Web site:

MORE INFORMATION : click on the title

OTHER VACANCIES : click here


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