1st French-Israeli workshop on solar energy research 29-30.OCT.2008

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research


OCTOBER 27-28, 2008



OCTOBER 29-30, 2008

We are pleased to announce the fifteenth symposium in this important series, which will take place at the Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center, Sede Boqer, Israel. The purpose of these symposia is to provide a forum where scientists, industry and government planners can indulge in informed and up-to-date discussion of the relative advantages of various forms of solar power generation, and where each of the technologies stands.

Professor James Barber
Imperial College London
“If the leaf can do it, we can do it”

Dr. Georges Serviere
Electricite de France
“Nuclear Power – The French Experience”

The Sede Boqer symposia combine solar-thermal and photovoltaic presentations in a single conference without parallel sessions. In this way, specialists from both disciplines are able to find out, at first hand, what is happening ‘on the other side of the fence’. To this end, each 10-minute presentation should include 2 minutes at the start devoted to explaining the significance of the reported research in a language that ‘the other side’ will be able to appreciate.

Looking forward to a lively and stimulating meeting, and assuring you of our traditional warm welcome at Sede Boqer.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the symposium committee,

David Faiman.


One thought on “1st French-Israeli workshop on solar energy research 29-30.OCT.2008

  1. Julien Vinckel


    I’m a French student actually working in a French bank in London as an assistant trader.
    I have studied in an engineering “Grande ecole” specialized in energy called Supelec.
    I’m really sad I will not be able to assist to the synposium but I was wondering if you could help me finding contacts for a 6 months internship in Israel in the Solar enrgy field.

    Thank you very much

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