Call for candidature : International Volunteer in Mechanical Engineering [France2Israel]

PROJECT TITLE : Theory of granular flows

RESEARCH TITLE : The group is involved in two major projects (below A and B), both in the field of granular matter:

A. Theory of granular gases: using powerful methods of analysis we obtain hydrodynamic constitutive relations from the Boltzmann kinetic equation (and higher order equations) for granular gases (both monodisperse and polydisperse) and apply the results to the study of particular flows, such as vibrated, shaken and sheared granular matter. Shocks in granular gases are of much interest as well as is sound propagation. My group is responsible for the discovery and explanation of a number of effects that pertain to granular gases, such as the clustering phenomenon and the sandwich configuration of binary granular gases – as well as for the development of techniques for the study of these gases.

B. Theory of the solid and liquid (i.e. dense) granular matter. This involves the use of coarse graining techniques to obtain constitutive relations, the study of specific granular states (piles, slabs), their stress distributions and response to external forcing, the study of quasi-static flows and beyond and the development of novel characterization of these materials.

Students joining my group are expected to participate in project A or B (though it is possible to participate in both). This will involve theory, computations and comparison with experimental results obtained by groups with which I have collaborations, as well as with other groups.

*A previous French volunteer, Mr. Dan Serero is not completing his PhD in my group.

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