Call for candidature : Chateaubriand Fellowships (DL 15.DEC.2008)

Chateaubriand scientific pre- and post- doctorate fellowships

The call for proposals “Chateaubriand 2009-2010” is now open till mid-December 2008.

You can download the application form by clicking on the following link: Chateaubriand 2009-2010 Application Form

After filling it, you have to send it to our office by email:

Candidates will be notified of their acceptance or rejection during the course of March 2009, in order to be able to begin the scholarship as early as October 2009.

The Chateaubriand fellowships between France and Israel have existed since 1988. Young Israeli scientits, who are currently working towards a PhD, or whohave completed their PhD, may qualify for a Fellowship from the French Government to conduct research in France. French-Israeli scientists may not apply to this program. Any field of research is relevant, other than Humanities or Social Sciences.
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One thought on “Call for candidature : Chateaubriand Fellowships (DL 15.DEC.2008)

  1. saeed younis

    dear sir/madam

    i’m currently imployed as a researcher at Ben-Gurion university, not towards a degree. i have a B.Sc in materials engineering and a B.A in physics from the Technion

    would i be eligible to apply to do a PhD (or research) in France with this fellowship?

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