Call for candidature : France-Israel Foundation Award in the field of Renewable Energy (DL 12.OCT.2008)

The 2009 France-IsraelFoundation Award for Academic Excellence in the field of Renewable Energy

The France-Israel Foundation was established in 2005 with the intention of developing and widening relationships between the two countries both socially and culturally. The goal is to broaden and strengthen the friendship between the two nations and to mutually improve public opinion in both Israel and France.

The Scientific Committee of this Foundation has created an award to recognize Academic Excellence.

The prize will be given each year to two French and two Israeli researchers at the early stage of their academic careers (less than 10 years of academic research experience). The research should be in similar scientific fields in both countries and the nominees should be well-known and well-respected by their peers and by the members of the committee, working in similar fields and recognized for the excellence of their work by their pears and members of the steering committee.

The amount of 5,000 Euros will be awarded in a ceremony to take place in Paris during the spring of 2009.

For the year 2009, the Science Committee has selected the field of “Renewable Energy”

Forms should be submitted to the following E-mail

Click here to download the application form

Deadline: All application submissions must be received at the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport not later than: October 12, 2008


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