Focus On: A Heart for Peace

A Heart for Peace

In a part of the world torn by conflicts, hope is sometimes the only thing for men to hang on. For more than two years, in an hospital in Jerusalem, children have been taken care and were able to be treated without any distinction about their origin or religion.

For more than two years, the pediatric cardiology and surgery departments of the Israeli hospital Hadassah have performed over 100 heart surgeries for Palestinian children who would not have been saved otherwise, with a A Heart for Peace program.

When one comes to mention the Israeli Palestinian conflict, scepticism perturbs every action towards peace. In view of the complexity of the conflict, one could let himself go through inaction and loose any kind of hope: in this special case, some would say that each initiative in favor of one side is against the other.

Nevertheless, causes exist which need a struggle which places itself beyond all kind of conflicts.

A Heart for Peace :

A real humanistic step standing beyond every prejudice.

At Hadassah hospital, Palestinian children sick of often fatal congenital cardiopathy are able to be treated without paying and can receive the same level of care than Jewish or Arabic Israeli children. This pathology requires an advanced heart surgery which is performed in the cardiological surgery department of Hadassah hospital. It is there that these children are taken care by Israeli and Palestinian doctors.
The goal of A Heart for Peace is to allow each year at least fifty Palestinian children to undergo heart surgery. To reach this objective A Heart for Peace commits itself to cofinance with Hadassah Hospital heart surgeries.

Hadassah hospital philosophy has always lived up to take care of patients without difference based upon origin or religion since its establisment in 1913.

It is this exemplary commitment which allows today Hadassah hospital to be nominated in 2005 for the Nobel Price for Peace.

A Heart for Peace


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