Ciné Sc: Le Cauchemar de Darwin 05.06.2008 [in English]

Le Saviez-Vous ?
Ciné Science, un festival pour tous

Le Cauchemar de Darwin
Jeudi 05 juin à 18h00 Rothschild7
Projection en anglais
En Tanzanie, l’exploitation intensive du commerce du poisson a eu des effets catastrophiques sur l’écosystème de la région, son économie, sa population.

Darwin’s Nightmare
Thursday 05 of June 18h00 Rothschild7
Movie in english followed by a debate animated by Dr Tamar Zohary of the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research in Kinneret
Tamar Zohary is a senior scientist, head of Kinneret Limnological Laboratory. She got her PhD in South Africa 1987. Her research interests are ecology of aquatic microbial communities.
Darwin’s Nightmare is a tale about humans between the North and the South, about globalization, and about fish…


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